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  Bethel International Industrial Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as Bethel International) is a industrial products development, production, sales and service as its main business of high-tech enterprises. Bethel International industrial Co., LTD. For many years, the company adhere to the "to the quality strives for the survival, to management for efficiency" of the entrepreneurial road. The company according to the needs of the market, has established a set of scientific and strict quality management system, passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. The enterprise from the create so far, through all the to the hard work of beth-el, by seiko float to plant Bethel International industrial realize the leaping development. Now administer five holding subsidiaries, affiliates, two shares 3 branch companies, form Shanghai r&d, lishui city research and development center, wenzhou casting, production base in four headquarters. The company existing staff more than 800 people, intermediate and senior title staff of 150 people, 50% of all kinds of professional technology talent, is worthy of the talent pool industries. Bethel International in zhejiang have many large-scale production base, is the most complete products at home and abroad, one of the biggest producer of production enterprise.

  Bethel International use of their own unique production craft and technology, research and development and production of valves, pumps, floating ball, electrical appliances, glasses, etc, widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, pharmacy, electric power, electrical appliances, electronics/electrical, automotive, communications, military, aviation, etc. Main products are sold to Europe, America, southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

  In the humanist management idea guidance, the always adhere to honesty, efficiency, excellent quality, perfect service, reliable reputation to the spirit of the company to "exercise talents, developing talents" as the basic policy, fully embodies pay great attention to the talents of enterprise development way.

  Bethel International with specialized production, reasonable advanced design and manufacturing, sophisticated technology and equipment, appearance and internal both the quality idea, the user is supreme service consciousness, for the vast number of users with high-quality products and satisfactory service. For our beautiful tomorrow we work together!

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